We only build websites that utilize a Content Management System (CMS), which allows you, our customer to easily edit content on your website. A CMS like Wordpress or Joomla, converts formatting and styling in the background, requiring no knowldege of coding. It's just like writing an e-mail!


While we have built websites using WordPress, after showing our clients the differences between Wordpress and Joomla, 99% select Joomla. Why? Joomla utilizes powerful text editor, which allows the user to input graphics, PDF's links, and format changes all within. Comparatively, Joomla offers the least amount of coding dude to this powerful editor.


Wordpress is extremely easy to quickly set up and is very easy to blog. Writing a blog post and then publishing it can be done in a matter of one click, whereas Joomla requires two clicks.


At EHM Web Solutions, we are happy to review the differences between Wordpress, Joomla, and any other website building software.