Are there benefits to blogging?

It's about time we started a blog! After all, websites with blogs are 437% more likely to be indexed by Google. I like to relate this concept to the story of Hansel and Gretel. Blogging is our breadcrumbs, so the more breadcrumbs we place (more blogging performed), the easier it will be to find home or your website.

Furthermore, blogging is a way to set yourself as a trusted expert in your field. After all, that is you! Your clients and customers come to you to not only learn more, but to also help accomplish their goals. You can use your blog to spark a discussion on social media and increase your engagement!

So, go on and let the blogging commence!


Time to redesign your website?

Many businesses contemplate if they should consider a site redesign. You spent all this time and money, so you want to maximize your value as well as ROI. However, technology is constantly changing, while the site you paid all this money for has not. Now, there are templates that are responsive, meaning the website will conform to any display, regardless of the screen resolution. For instance, your site will conform to one’s cell phone or even a 60-inch flat screen tv. Google prefers responsive websites and will list a responsive website higher in search rankings.

Furthermore, your old website may look antiquated in design and utilize adobe flash. Several years ago, Apple decided to no longer support adobe flash, so your website will not be properly displayed.

Your website may also look like a used car dealer trying to sell your potential customer a product or service. Marketing has changed from what used to be known as “interrupt marketing” (telephone marketing, tv commercials, etc.) to non-interruptive marketing through e-mails, social media, etc. Your customers no longer want to be “interrupted” to hear your commercial or sales pitch, but rather hear from you via helpful or engaging content online.

Your website is your online foundation because YOU should have full ownership and control of it. The goal of any website is to display more information about your company and work to convert the visitor into a sale.

At EHM Web Solutions, we are more than happy to speak with you and provide you with a free assessment! Please contact us today, so we may begin redesigning a cost-effective website to achieve your goals!

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