At EHM Web Solutions, we strongly believe in empowering our clients with tools for success. That’s why, we go the extra mile to make sure that your website is easier for you to maintain. For easy maintenance, we enable front-end editing access to click on the area you wish to edit and install an easy-to-use text editor to complete your edits.

The goal of any website is to attract viewers and keep them on the website for as long as possible, and then encourage the viewer to complete an action. An action (known as a CTA) can be signing up for a newsletter, downloading an eBook, or making a purchase. It’s well proven that when you do this and have great content (including relevant ads), you’ll increase brand awareness and sales.  

Make sure that your website provides your business with a solid foundation for further growth and development. We will help you make sure your website is a source of pride rather than aggravation! It is also imperative that your website is easily navigable for all visitors and loads quickly. Recent research indicates that if your website takes longer than 2 seconds to load, the visitor will notice a delay and will leave your website feeling annoyed. This also leaves the visitor with a negative association of your brand. To avoid this, we use tactics to quickly load your website and try to avoid attaching PDF links (which slow down load times).

To allow for continuous growth, we use a Content Management System (CMS), called Joomla. A CMS allows you to easily edit text documents and make webpage updates. It also allows for the addition of plugins such as e-commerce or email sign-ups without the need to rebuild the website or hard coding. The best part of a CMS, and specifically using the Gantry framework, is the template can be easily upgraded. In other words, like renovating a house, you can change the outside yellow appearance to a dark grey appearance without demolishing and rebuilding the house. This is the same concept of updating a website’s template or appearance using a CMS.

Want to build a new website? Awesome!

When building a website, you should consider the following:

  1. What goals / expectations do you have for your site?
  2. Who is your target demographic? What do they want from visiting your website?
  3. What information would you like to include?
  4. How would you like the information to flow? What menu options would you like?
  5. What features would you like? You may want the following features:
    1. A PayPal or e-commerce function
    2. Automatic slide-show of images
    3. Galleries
    4. Calendar
    5. Local weather display
    6. Blog integration
    7. Automatic rotation of articles
    8. Different access levels – i.e. only paid members can see certain information
    9. Facebook integration
    10. Pinterest
    11. Twitter
    12. Email signup
    13. Language translation
    14. And More! 

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