What will 2016 have in store for us?


Expect video on the rise and playing an important role on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and even on websites in 2016. Facebook has rolled out (in beta) Facebook video ads and Facebook live video feeds that have already been used by select Facebook fan pages. Last year, Facebook enabled auto-play of videos in your newsfeed, but thankfully defaulted the sound off. This will increase a user's likelihood to view the video and engage with the post. Furthermore, countless studies have indicated that video can increase traffic to a website and keep the visitor on the website.


Along with video, GIF's or animated images, will also see a rise. These can be 15 seconds long, but are usually about 2-5 seconds long and are most commonly used on Twitter and Facebook. Instagram’s “Boomerang” feature plays a continuous GIF.


Why is video and GIF's on the rise? With data plans becoming more affordable and offering higher speeds, combined with mobile devices possessing stronger hardware to process video, more and more people can now stream video at their fingertips. We all know the famous saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words." Animated graphics and video are worth a hundred thousand words! Video editors like VidTrim, allow you to edit your videos from your smartphone and tablet. A great and free GIF creator is Giphy, which I use for Facebook. 

Will you now use video and GIF's?




PS One more App to be on the look-out for: Peach

Peach is a new app that has been gaining traction. People enjoy it because you can post a lot more frequently without feeling like you are spamming others. You can easily see what your friends are up to, follow topics, and use Apple's 3D touch to review updates.


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