Facebook decided to once again decrease your post's reach. Reach refers to the amount of times a person may see your post within 24 hours. So, if I viewed your post 100 times within 24 hours that would be counted as 100 times overall. Many confuse this statistic, believing that 100 people saw your post, when in fact, only a single person viewed it. The best statistic to measure the amount of viewership is engagement. Engagement refers to any time someone clicks on your post, shares, likes, or comments on your post. 

 What? Why is Facebook forcing me to pay now?!?!

Before, Facebook Pages had about 16% of their fans seeing posts and now about 7% of your fans are seeing posts. You can choose to boost your post and set 1) duration and 2) budget, but this may prove costly and ineffective if you do not have a marketing strategy. So how can you best invest a limited budget, while getting the most return (ROI) on Facebook?

I would first recommend considering the following points, which we review with our clients before submitting a digital marketing strategy:

1) You do not have to immediately pay Facebook. You can first work with your marketing team to create engaging graphics / content or even run a sweepstakes. I almost always suggest running a sweepstakes, where the user is required to subscribe to your e-mail list to win a prize or gain access to exclusive content. This not only will help increase engagement on your page, which also increases your post’s exposure, but will also allow you to build an e-mail list. E-mail is not a dead form of communication and there are still plenty of people checking it!

 *Be careful not to require a fan to like your post to enter a contest. Facebook changed their rules and this tactic is frowned upon and could result in your page’s suspension.

2) External links. If you are posting external links to your website, Facebook will provide a greater push to posts that include the website’s preview image, rather than uploading your own image and including a link.  Why does Facebook do this? This is done because Facebook also allows you to upload your own graphic in lieu of the graphic they grab from your site. Feel free to customize a graphic to better advertise your campaign!

3) Facebook strategy. You cannot throw money into Facebook thinking it will generate revenue and that is your strategy. Work with your marketing team or consultant to first identify your goals and target location. Then, create a social media policy of what types of posts and comments will be allowed on your page. Also, consider the type of content you wish to share with your fans. Content marketing, or sharing useful information with your fans, will help increase engagement and improve your company's online exposure or brand awareness.

4) Advertise your Facebook and other social media presences. Your employees are also brand ambassadors. Have employees insert your company social media links to the footer of their work e-mail. On all printed material, you should also include your social media accounts. You may also want to consider adding the text, "Stay connected," "Keep in touch," or "Follow us for useful information" above your social media listings on printed collateral.

5) Social media feeds. You spend a lot of time and money in building your website. Do not let your developer to simply place social media icons, especially Facebook icons, on your website. These icons only send your visitors away from your website. It is just as easy to include a Facebook like box that will allow visitors to quickly like your page, while remaining on your website!

The most important thing to do is to identify your goals and then determine how Facebook can help you achieve those goals. You want to create a "Facebook community," where users cannot only consume great content, but can also communicate with each other on your page (engage). Don't be afraid to invest some money into Facebook. A small budget of $10 to boost a key post could help your business and identify successful content types to promote in the future. To be successful online, it's all about research, strategy and engaging with your fans!

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