• Custom Web Solutions

    We help our clients utilize online tools, especially social media to maximize their marketing efforts
  • User-Friendly Software

    Our software is user-friendly and can instantly be used.
  • Responsive Templates

    EHM Web Solutions uses templates that will conform to any display - mobile, tablet, TV, or computer!
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EHM Web Solutions

EHM Web Solutions is your center for web design and online marketing solutions. 

Fully Responsive and Mobile Minded

Our websites are responsive, meaning the site will conform to any display - mobile, tablet, desktop, or TV.

Built on a Powerful Framework

Using the Gantry framework, each site's appearance can be changed without the burden of rebuilding your website.

Rich Typography

Our templates utilize clean fonts that are easy to read for the visitor. There are countless fonts to be choosen and can be changed at any time.

Our templates are great on desktops...
...brilliant on tablets...
and perfect for mobile!
  • Custom Solutions
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Hosting & Maintenance

The chart on the side highlights the time it takes to construct your website. Our online solutions are integrated into your website, making your life easier and improving efficiency. Your website is a tool to help your business grow, not a headache!


Social Media is a tool that can help your business grow. However, to best utilize social media, a company needs to determine its "online identity" and to establish an online marketing strategy. If you have employees, you should determine your social media policy or how your employees may use social media.


We use one of the top hosting companies to host your site on redundant services. We offer maintenance packages to ensure your site is secure and functioning at full capacity. In the event your site crashes, we can quickly restore it.

Initial conceptual design
Determining best software solutions
Building your website
Preparing directions to empower you and confirming all site features work

We only build websites that utilize a Content Management System (CMS), which allows you, our customer to easily edit content on your website. A CMS like Wordpress or Joomla, converts formatting and styling in the background, requiring no knowldege of coding. It's just like writing an e-mail!


While we have built websites using WordPress, after showing our clients the differences between Wordpress and Joomla, 99% select Joomla. Why? Joomla utilizes powerful text editor, which allows the user to input graphics, PDF's links, and format changes all within. Comparatively, Joomla offers the least amount of coding dude to this powerful editor.


Wordpress is extremely easy to quickly set up and is very easy to blog. Writing a blog post and then publishing it can be done in a matter of one click, whereas Joomla requires two clicks.


At EHM Web Solutions, we are happy to review the differences between Wordpress, Joomla, and any other website building software.

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